September 20th, 2010

Yellow Brick Road

Good Weekend Puts Me In A Good Mood

I know it's been a couple of days since I've updated.

I'm doing alright.  Felt kinda sad today.  Just thinking about random things that reminds me of my grandma.  Not a rough day, just feeling kind of nostalgic though.

But it was the most relaxing weekend I've had in a longggggggggggg time.  My parents went to an inn that they had a coupon for.  So I was here by myself.  Friday I went to the bank to try to get my debit card activated.  But it wouldn't work.  So they printed me a new one, and told me to try again on Monday.  After that I went to get lunch.  And I was gonna go into Target and Best Buy to get a couple of things, but I didn't have my checkbook with me.  So I couldn't do that.  But I guess that was a good thing.  So I went and got lunch and went back home.  Chilled for awhile.  Went and got pizza for dinner.  And then I came home.  I watched the Brady Bunch this weekend.  That was fun.  And then I went to bed late late, stayed up late RPing on twitter.  Like always. XD  Then Saturday I woke up at like 12:30.  Decided I was going to a movie.  I thought I was gonna go see "Easy A", but I ended up going to "Toy Story 3".  I loved it!  The end made me tear up.  It was so good though!  Then after that I went to Wal-Mart and got some minutes for my phone and blank VHS's to record my shows on.  Those being Glee, BBT, and the Office.  Andddd good news!  BBT is an hour BEFORE the Office.  I don't watch Community, so I don't really care.  But yeah.  It was a good day.  Then today I woke up at like, 9:30 and chilled for a bit.  Watched "Princess Bride", because I was inspired to by "Talk Like a Pirate Day".  Would've watched PotC if I had thought about it, and found my DVDs.  Because I KNOW I took them upstairs a couple of weeks ago.  Oh well.  I'll look for them later.  But I love that movie, and it's been so long since I've watched it.  I watched it for Dread Pirate Roberts ;) :P.  And I got Subway for lunch.  And just chilled for the evening till the 'rents got home.  Now I'm in bed.  Hopefully gonna go to sleep soon.  Not sure what I'm doing tomorrow.  I guess combing the paper for jobs.  Bah.  I need a job before I go crazy though.

Anyways, sleep time I guess.

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