August 18th, 2010

Yellow Brick Road

Update For The Heck of It

Ah, so yeah.  Lappy is back and I couldn't be happier.

Still trying to get into FVCC.  The process has been slow though.  It's frustrating, and I'm thinking that by the time I actually hear from them, then it'll be too late to enroll and all the classes that I need will be filled up.  God, I hate this.

Sunday we were gonna go huckleberry picking.  Susie wasn't feeling good, so she didn't go with us.  We went to Jewel Basin, and did the Twin Lakes hike.  Which, if harumph and reading_dragon recall, it's the hike we did before we moved here.  I think that was the summer I first went to SPEC...anyways, it was that hike that we took the detour on, and it felt really long.  But it was really pretty.  I got a sunburn and some bug bites, but it was a good hike.  Didn't take the detour this time though.

Chip had his teeth cleaned on Monday.  THANK THE MAKER!  His breath was atrocious! parents are busy planning for my grandparents anniversary/birthday party thing.  But the likelihood of me going is pretty slim.  Especially if I'm in school and working.

I've been busy watching Reba.  I've got all but season 2 on DVD.  Just one of those shows that I could watch over and over.  It cracks me up.  Kind of reminds me of "I Love Lucy" in some aspects.  Particularly the episode where Reba has the laser eye surgery and Barbra Jean comes over and takes care of her for the day.  That's one of my favorite episodes.  "The Blonde Leading the Blind".

Oh, I have all my pictures up on MySpace from the past several weeks, I'll post all the links here, because I'm pretty sure that you can look at them without having an account:

Glacier Trip 1:

Lone Pine:

Lake Koocanusa and Kootenai Falls:

Glacier Trip 2/Many Glacier:

Cherry Picking:

Flathead Lake:

Stanton Lake:

And finally, Twin Lakes:

I know it's a lot, but we've done a lot of stuff the past several weeks. 

Otherwise, I'm doing good.  Just keeping busy with life I suppose

Think I'm gonna go find something to drink

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