April 14th, 2010

Yellow Brick Road

Another Good Day! :D

Oh man!  Today was a good day! :D

So, yeah, pretty average day taking calls.  Get to my last break, and I accidentally leave myself in aux for 15 minutes.  Which killed my call time.  Oh well.  It's just one day and my call times has been pretty good this month.  And then, I had this guy call in, and wanted to know just basic things about his account, and then he asked to speak to my supervisor because he thought I was such a good employee!  So yeah!  I get recognized for that in a couple of weeks!  That was pretty much the best part of my day!  And my copy of Alice in Wonderland finally got here!  :D  YAY!  So yeah, it was a really good day all in all!  And Idol and Glee were on tonight.  So yeah!  It was a really good day! :D

And now it's bed time!

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