March 22nd, 2010

Yellow Brick Road

Good Mood!

So, I think for my birthday, I'm gonna give myself a paid account.  It's only 20 bucks.  And I use my LJ ALL the time.  And I've been mulling it over for awhile.

ALSO DwtS is on right now as I type!  GO EVAN LYSACEK!  I'm a huge fan of his!  AND there's a new episode of Big Bang Theory on tonight!  WOOHOO!

Work was alright today.  Kind of boring.  We weren't very productive today.  Oh well.  At least we know we have access to stuff now.  So that's good.

My dad is gonna take me to the bank tomorrow to get my debit card activated.  WOOHOO!  He's gonna pick me up at lunch and take me to the bank and I'm gonna get it activated, and then he's gonna take me back and then pick me up after work.  I dunno why I'm so panicked, I guess it's cause I only have 30 minutes, and really, that's not a whole lot of time.

I've had a world of energy today.  I guess it's because I took cold pills at 8 last night and was asleep by 10.  It was kinda funny.  Because I fell asleep to Order of the Pheniox on ABC Family.  And then I woke up as the credits were rolling.  But I got a fantastic night sleep last night.  And was fairly energetic today.  It was nice.  And maybe that's because the weather is getting nicer too.

And now it's time for Big Bang Theory!  IM OUT!

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