March 5th, 2010

Yellow Brick Road

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I'm really excited for work tomorrow.  We get to listen in to some real life phone calls.  So I'm really excited about it!

Today wasn't too bad.  Um, I can't remember half of what we did.  Something about going over the verification process and that's like, all I remember.  And then my dad and I went to the grocery store and I got some minutes and a Snapple and a couple of things for dinner.  Then came back to the house.  And I didn't do much.  My dad went to the store to get Chip some Greenies, and then I had dinner.  Then I watched Idol, which, I wasn't happy about John Park or Michelle going home.  Jermaine I was semi-ok with.  He was alright, but wasn't great.  And I was fine with Hayley going home, she just wasn't ready yet.  I liked Michelle's performance a lot better than Didi's, she really should've gone home.  Anyways, then I watched the Office.  Which I LOVED!  Baby Halpert is adorable!  And then I took a shower.  And my dad helped me pick out some health benefits for work.  And then I packed my lunch.  And now I'm in bed, and I'm about to go to bed.  Because I'm tired and need some sleep.

So, night!

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