February 27th, 2010

Yellow Brick Road


Good KARKING LORD!  I am NEVER watching Speed Skating AGAIN!  It is TOO KARKING TENSE!  OMM!  I'm so pissed that Apolo Ohno got disqualifed on that race!  But at least we got the bronze in the relay.  And then bobsledding was just as bad.  GAH!  3 or 4 of the teams wipped out on the 50/50 curve.  One of our teams wipped out.  SO CRAZY!  And we also got a silver in women's speed skating.  That was exciting.  AND we're facing Canadia again on Sunday in hockey.  If we beat them, I will laugh so hard.  That'll just be the ultimate win!

Other than that.  Today has been pretty good.  I made some super awesome Chili Mac for lunch.


And there's the recipe! :D

So yeah, been pretty relaxing, but think I'm gonna go to bed now.

Think we're going clothes shopping tomorrow.  I need a few things for work.

Which I got the offical "Welcome to TeleTech" call today.

ALSO!  Got my federal return back!  YES!  I CAN HAS MONEH!  Just don't know what to spend it on.  Yarn for sure, since I saw a super cute pattern on craftster.org today for a sea turtle, and I want to make one or two and send it to my grandma! :D

And ironically, it lead me to the pattern, which was on Ravelry, and can be found here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/jacques-the-sea-turtle

I need to venture away from scarves.  That's all I've crocheted, and I need to expand my horizons a bit.  So I'm really excited for this!  :D

Anyways, I need some sleep.  It's been a good day, but it's late now, and sleep would be good at some point.

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