February 7th, 2010

Yellow Brick Road


HELL YEAH!  I'm so fucking excited!  The team I want to win NEVER wins!  I always root for the underdog team!  And their first Super Bowl too!  AHHH!  I'm not really a football fan though.  I didn't care all that much, but I was rooting for the Saints anyways.

I'm having the worst cramps ever today.  I feel like I've been moving like a slug all day.  And I've just spent the day in my jammies.  I haven't felt like being in real clothes today.  I'm just miserable!  I hope I feel better tomorrow though, because I have an interview at 2:30.  But I fucking hate cramps!  I've tried having caffeine, I've kept lappy on it, had some ibuprofen, not much is helping.  DIE FUCKING CRAMPS DIE!

Sorry for the language...just feels better if I can say it somewhere....

Meh...I'm gonna take more ibuprofens and then go to bed.  I really feel like shit today.

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