January 31st, 2010

Yellow Brick Road

Writer's Block: Killer tomatoes

What's your favorite cult film of all time, and why? What are the essential ingredients for a cult classic?

Hmmm...That's a toss up between Princess Bride and Holy Grail.  But I think my answer would be Princess Bride.


I could go on quoting it, but I won't.
Yellow Brick Road

Relaxing Day

I finally got some sleep yesterday.  Thankfully.  My dad got up and went to some dental thing at the mall, and after he left I took something and slept for a few hours.  Then I took something before I went to sleep and fell asleep around 1:30, and then I woke up at like, 12:30 or so.  It was kinda crazy.  I think I got too much sleep last night, because I'm kinda tired.  But I guess I made up for the sleep I didn't get on Friday night.

Alex came over this afternoon.  We went over to storage and got some of the things that the Fredrickson's left here before they moved.  So we got a few things and then went to his house to drop them off.  And I guess Alex moved.  Didn't know that.  We're gonna go out either Tuesday or Wednesday and go job hunting.  Which is super nice of him.  So hopefully I'll find something while out and about.

I'm so freaking anxious to see the cast list.  We're supposed to get an e-mail or a phone call.  I'm really wanting Annie or Shelly.  But I'll take Linda or Cheryl if I get a principle.  Which I'm REALLY hoping I do.  I've got a good feeling though.  I just hate waiting.  Hopefully I'm not being like, too pretentious or anything.  I just REALLY want this.  ::sighs::

I'm having kind of a "Chick Flick" night.  I've watched "13 Going on 30" and now I'm watching "Mean Girls", and then it'll be "10 Things I Hate About You" and then "Clueless" and then "Grease".  I won't get through 'em all tonight of course, but it's just one of those days.  And I know "Grease" isn't EXACTLY "chick flick" but, it's a fun movie.

Anyways, I need to watch my movies.

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