January 17th, 2010

Yellow Brick Road

Writer's Block: Snark, who goes there?

Have you ever said something to an online friend that you would never say in person? Do you think it's easier to discount real feelings when a relationship takes place largely online? Can the emotional disconnect become habit-forming?

Yeah, I think I have.  You can't discount real feelings.  Because there's still two real people.  Who have very real feeling emotions.  And whether you're on the internet or not, you can't discount those.
Yellow Brick Road

The Epicness That Was My Day

I'll use 10 as my icon.  It's been awhile since I've used him.

Anyways, today was pretty good.  Woke up around 10 to my dad opening and closing the garage door multiple times and using his power saw.  I think he was making shelves for something or rather.  But I wasn't too happy about that, regardless of the time of day.  But anyways...just kinda laid around for awhile.  Then my dad told me that we were going to see "Avatar" at 5.  So I got SUPER excited about that, because I had been wanting to see it for awhile.  So laid around till just after 4.  Then we drove to the movie theater.  And we got snacks.  And the movie was in 3D.  AND IT WAS EPIC!  SERIOUSLY!  If you haven't seen it yet, GO SEE IT!  And try to see it in 3D if you can, because it makes it all that much better.  It's a combination of Fern Gully, Pocahontas, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and Star Wars.  And it's just AWESOME!  There's only one big huge battle scene, but otherwise, there's not much violence.  So go see it, because you really need to.

And right now, I'm just sitting here, watching Roseanne and just chilling.  My parents are going into the office (I keep wanting to capitalize the O.) tomorrow.  So I'll be here by myself most of the day, which will be nice.

My toenails on my seconds toes have been kinda loose the past couple of weeks, but the new ones are growing in.  So that's good.

Whatelse...um...still watching cartoons.  And I'm still in a pretty good mood.

I'm finally back in my bed tonight!  My sister took over my room while she was here, and kicked me up to the bonus room.  So I've been sleeping on the big chair/couch thing.  Which, isn't horrible, but it isn't good to stretch out on.  And it's hard on my back.  I wouldn't mind it if it were for just a couple of nights, but it's been a month.  So I'm happy to get back in a real bed.  I'll just miss the having the stove on.  It's been nice to sleep with it on the past few weeks.  Oh well.  Honestly, it really doesn't matter where I sleep, just as long as I have a place to sleep.  Cause sleeping is a fantastic thing to do.

Anyways, that was my day and it was a good one.  I'm gonna go back to "Roseanne"


ETA: I HAVE to read this book: http://www.amazon.com/Nightlight-Parody-Harvard-Lampoon/dp/0307476103/ref=reg_hu-wl_mrai-recs  I hate "Twilight", but this looks HYSTERICAL!
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Yellow Brick Road

YAY GLEE and James Cameron!

James Cameron won best director for "Avatar" and GLEE WON BEST MUSICAL OR COMEDY!



My night is now complete because I had Taco Bell for dinner

::does the happy dance::

I'll be back with a real update later


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