August 24th, 2009

Yellow Brick Road

No Voice For Me

I'm on my 4th day without a voice.  I lost it Friday, and my parents and I decided that I shouldn't go to work, so I called in.  Worked Saturday, from 1:30 to close, and we didn't get out of there till 11:30.  It was questionable whether or not I should've gone to work then, went yesterday, had a somewhat normal shift.  10:45-7.  Tomorrow I work 1:15-9:45, so not quite close, but close enough.  And then I close Wednesday and Thursday, have Friday off, and close on Saturday.  Hopefully I'll have my voice back tomorrow, so that it'll make things just a little bit easier.  I sold 2 REDcards on Saturday.  Hopefully I'll sell a couple this week.  I need to sell more.  It's hard to sell one though, because people always say no.

I'm missing school.  It's weird not being there when everyone else  I know is there.  I miss my friends and being around people I like.  And I miss being on my own.  That sense of freedom that came with school.  I miss it.

I need my chapstick, but it's downstairs in my pants.  Not so helpful.

Ok.  I'm gonna enjoy my next hour or so, and then take some night time meds, and go to bed.

14 days till season 5 is out!

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