August 1st, 2009

Yellow Brick Road

Where Has My Life Gone?

What a day!  We were SO busy today.  It didn't ever stop.  I think we had about 5 minutes or so where it was calm, but otherwise it was just a constant stream of people.  I was with a Guest this afternoon, I think I was giving him his receiete or something like that, and was laughing or smiling about something, and then the GSTL comes over to give me change or something, and she starts laughing, and the guy goes "What are you laughing for?", and she says "Because she's always so cheerful, and I like it.".  So that made my day.  But I got pissed off, because I brought a bottle of water with me to drink on my lunch and on my break, and I put my name on it, like always, and I got it out at my first break, and drank like half of it and stuck it back in the fridge.  Then I come back at lunch, and I go to take it out, and I look in the fridge, where I put it, and I don't find it.  So I eat and I look again, and I find it empty and in the trash.  Someone had taken it out of the fridge and drank it, and threw it away.  WHO DOES THAT?!  Other than that, my day wasn't too bad.  I work 12:30-8 tomorrow.  Then I've got Sunday off, and I work 3-close on Monday and Tuesday, then I have Wedneday and Thursday off.  Then on Friday I work 1:30-close and Saturday I work from 3-close, then I work like 1-9 on Sunday, have Monday off, work the next 4 days in a row, and have Saturday off.  Honestly, I think they're trying to kill me.

Yesterday we went and saw "Up".  I really liked it.  One of the best movies I've seen in awhile.  Although HP was good.  And I enjoyed "Land of the Lost".  But "Up" was really good.  I loved all the characters, and the story was really good too.

I'm so excited for the Fredricksons to get here!  I can't wait to go rafting!

Oh, did I mention?  I got a B on my course paper and a B in my class.  I PASSED MY CLASS!  I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL!  I'M A GRADUATE!  W00T!  That feels so good to say.

Things are pretty good right now.  Not much is going on.  Just kinda going through life.

I need water, and then I need to go to bed.

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