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A Good Day

It was a good day indeed.  It started off slightly earlier than I'd like, but nevertheless, it was still good.  Woke up about 8:30, dad came home about 9:15 or so.  We left about 9:30, sat at the office for about 20 minutes or so.  Went over to TJ Maxx and had a group interview, which was weird.  Not too bad though.  Think it went ok.  Then I drove home and changed and sat around for an hour.  Went to Taco Bell, and I was pulling in, and was gonna turn into a spot and some guy kinda cut me off for it.  I was pissed.  And then one of the guys kind of cut me off in line when I was trying to get sauce and stuff.  Stupid people!  Anyways, got my food, drove to Wal-Mart.  Went in and bought a couple of things I needed, AND THEN!  I saw that they had a 2 pack of Star Wars action figures for 7.50 or so, and one usually sells for 7.50, and I thought to myself, why the heck not?!  So I got a NT Obi-Wan and a Sandtrooper!  I already have a Han Solo, but you know, once you get one, you need to get another.  So after that I went out to the parkling lot and ate my lunch.  I just didn't want to eat in Taco Bell, too crowded, so I just felt like eating in the car.  So then I went and browsed Borders and browsed around there for a little while.  Then I went to my therapy session, which was short, which was nice.  Then went back to the house, changed my clothes and chilled for a bit.  Then went to my last interview at the Movie Theater.  Which went really well.  I think I've probably got a good shot of getting a job there.  And then I went back to my dad's office, was there for just a bit.  Then we went to CostCo and they had all sorts of samples for the game on Sunday.  Which for some reason, I'm really excited for.  And then we came back to the house.  I didn't eat dinner, cause I was still full from lunch and CostCo.  Watched and recorded the Office.  And now I'm just chillin' till I get tired and go to sleep.  Which I hope I do.

Got my interveiw with TeleTech tomorrow.  I'd love to just blow it off.  I don't want to work there at all.  I think I'm gonna try and apply at Home Depot and CostCo.  I'll be happy once I have a job though.  Something to get me out of this house.

Alright.  I'm just gonna chill for awhile and eventually go to bed.


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