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What A Day...

Today has been interesting.  From finding out about Retta this morning and then my dad and I had our class this evening.  Which was SO MUCH FUN!  The instructors are professionals.  So that was awesome to have people in there that knew what they were doing.  So they talked and demoed for about an hour.  Then we had a short break.  Then we got a chance.  I was really kinda nervous for the first 30 minutes or so.  I just was like "I'm gonna cut my fingers off!!111".  But then I had a lefty student teacher kinda show me how to work it, and that got better.  And then the instructors helped, which was really good.  I was starting off with a chiffinade.  Which is when you roll up something like basil or bok choy, and then you slice through it, and it makes ribbons.  But I was having stuggles with that, so one of the instructors came over and tried to help me.  Which kinda helped, but not really.  Then the other instructor came over to help another student in the class, and was showing her how to let the knife do it's job, just let it do the rocking motion that it's supposed to do.  Which really helped.  So I got the hang of that.  AND when you're holding a knife, you're supposed to kind of pinch the end of the knife, where the blade and the handle meet, with your thumb and index finger, and then cut with a rocking motion, just let the knife do its job.  And make a claw with the other hand, with the middle finger pushed out more and the other fingers kinda held back.  It's hard to explain.  Pictures are easier, but I don't have any pictures.  ANYWAYS.  We cut up a whole bunch of veggies.  And THEN one of the instructors showed us a REALLY cool trick to cut up ginger.  But it's a secret right now!  XD  And then my dad and I went home.  It was such a fun class.

And on the way in, I saw a flyer (flier?) for auditions for "Evil Dead: The Musical".  Which I think would be fun to audition for.  I haven't auditioned for anything in a long time.  And I NEED to do something.  I miss having theatre in my life.  So, hopefully something will come of this.

But all in all, it's been an interesting day.  Good and bad.

I finished watching Season 1 of "Gilmore Girls".  I think I'm gonna go ahead and watch the VHS's of "Star Wars" tomorrow.  I haven't watched the VHS's in a LONG time.  And plus, the ending of Return of the Jedi is pre Hayden Christansen, and as much as I love him, he kind of ruined the end of Jedi for me.  And that's probably my favorite of the OT.  Ah well.

Anyways, I need nighttime meds.  I'm so energized right now, it's ridiculous.  I'm almost better.  The thing...is just kinda hanging on...there but not.  ::sigh::  I hate not knowing if I'm sick or not.

But I should go take that, and then just go to bed.


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