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Boring Day

Well, today hasn't been too interesting.  Chip woke me up about 9 something.  I let him out and then went back to sleep till about 11something.  And then I watched "FernGully" and it made me think of harumph because whenever she was over when we were young, we'd watch it, and then pretend we were the characters.  I have fond memories of being Batty and "running" into the posts that were in the basement.  Oh man.  Good times.  Then I started watching Season 1 of Big Bang Theory (probably my 2nd favorite show on right now) and then we went to CostCo.  Got Diet Dr Pepper, so I'm happy about that! :D  And then we came back to the house and eventually had Ham and Beans and cornbread for dinner.  And then I've just been watching Big Bang Theory all the rest of the night.  I'm just about through season 1.  On the last disc.  Oh this show just cracks me up!  I love it!

Tomorrow, I don't think I'm doing anything.  I need to go to the bank and deposit a check I got from my grandma.  Otherwise...not much of anything.  I need to fill out apps, but it's the whole refrences thing that has me in a tizzy.

So yeah...been pretty relaxing, but boring at the same time.  I need to find a job though, before I go stir crazy.  So hopefully I can find one soon.

I think I'm gonna go to sleep.


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