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A Good Day

I could have, what you could classify as, a good day.  I woke up around 11 something.  But I've been having to worst time falling asleep the past several days.  I've been falling asleep anywhere between 1 and 3 and waking up somewhere between 10 and noon.  It sucks.  But anyways, I woke up late.  Bummed around for awhile, had coffee and watched cartoons here: http://www.justin.tv/chimpy_tv#r=t8r74S4 which, you don't have to sign up for, you can just watch toons.  It's pretty cool.  Then my dad and I went out "job hunting".  Went to Taco Bell for some lunch and got an application.  Then we went to Wal-Mart and I started filling out an application, but realized that I needed references, and I don't really have a list...So I need to get that going.  We decided that filling out apps online would be the wiser choice, so that's what I'm gonna do.  Then we went by the house real fast, to drop something off and then we went over to storage to get out my little DVD rack, that holds like 15 movies.  Then we went to the store and came back to the house.  I played some Star Fox on my N64 a little bit of Diddy Kong Racing, and just a few minutes of Donkey Kong 64.  Watched just a little bit of the skating finals.  I feel bad for Shasha Cohen.  Cause I really like her, and really want her to go to the Olympics.  But I'll root for our team just the same.

So yeah, it's been pretty good.  Not too stressful or anything.  Think I might go read "Perfect Fifths" for a bit.  If I can read a "chapter" or two a day, I'll be done with it in no time.  Then I think it'll be onto "The Help" but I don't remember who it's by.  I got it for Christmas.  Seems kind of similar to "The Secret Life of Bees", which is one of my favorite books.  It should be pretty good though.  So I think I'm gonna go do that and then go to bed.

Tomorrow I should be filling out applications like crazy.  And that'll probably be it.  I'm not looking for anywhere in particular, just anything.  And, I'm feeling the urge for a Big Bang Theory marathon.  So I think I might do that while filling out my apps.  W00t.

So I'm gonna go read and then go to bed.


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