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Woohoo! Update!

Ah.  February.  Valentine's is coming up.  Whoo.  Hearts and pink!  I don't normally care about valentine's day, because it has no special meaning to me, because I've never had anyone special in my life, but if anything, I can celebrate my love of my friends this year.

Also, it means a new tournament starting over in Nerd Wars! WOOHOO!  I have to get yarn!  And craft ALL THE THINGS!  I think I've got it planned out to make an Elphaba amigurumi, a Do-Re-Mi coffee cozy, a lacy multicolored scarf, Curly and Laurie amis, a computer ami, and I think a Newsie hat.  WOOT!  It's going to be a busy month, and I need to get yarn and write stuff down, and do some prelim sketches.  SO MUCH TO DO!  SO LITTLE TIME!

And, I also posted something over to Sugarquill, an actual challenge.  For the first time.  Something that wasn't for a Saturday Special.  Woohoo!  I don't think it sucks -too- bad.  And I wrote something for the Writer's Block prompt yesterday.  I AM DOING THINGS FOR HiH!  Now that I think I've figured out how stuff goes.  At least I've been a top sorter every week but one so far.  The only thing I don't have, is graphic skills.  And it is KILLING me that I don't!  I just sit and look at everything that everyone has made, and I'm like "Well, I have no idea how to do that, so that counts me out of that challenge".  And then I feel sad.  But I'm for sure trying to do stuff.  I don't want to let Hufflepuff down!  Cause I love my Puffs! :D <3

I finally have hours this week, for sure.  I am working Friday night.  Floor set, boo.  But at least it's hours!

I went out job hunting yesterday.  Yay.  I went to the mall and applied at Lenscrafters, because they were specifically hiring.  And JcPenny's.  And I checked into Payless, and I'll apply, but who knows.  And Mauriece's wasn't hiring.  I feel a weird vibe whenever I go into the Buckle, so I didn't go in there.  And I don't like how I'm treated when I go into Rue 21 etc, so I didn't go in there.  Ugh.  Why isn't our mall bigger?  And I took an application from Super 1.  I hate job hunting.

Weird.  It's 11 and I'm already feeling like I'm ready to nod off.  I've been getting up around 8 or so everyday.  Mostly because of Chip.  But I've been exercising every day!  I don't think I'm losing weight though.  Trying to change my diet, but it's not going so well.  Oh well, I'm trying.

Man, I feel like this is the most legit post I've had in a few days.

I think I'm gonna veg out for a few more minutes and then sleep.  I feel myself crashing.


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