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A Boring Day

My burn still hurts.  Hopefully it'll work out to a nice tan within the next week or so.

Not much happened today.  I was hoping for some time alone, but that didn't happen.

I got my final exam grade, not the paper I turned in the other day, but my final.  I got an 85!  HELLS YEAH!

Um, I see my therapist tomorrow.  Hopefully this is my last week with her.  She originally said 6 sessions.  So this would make it my last week with her.  ::crosses fingers::

I was feeling kinda down, but then I sent an e-mail to someone and I feel so much better.  Amazing how stuff like that works.

Whatelse...I feel like I'm listing stuff.  I hate when I do entries like this.

Still looking for a job,   I'm gonna call LC Staffing tomorrow.  I sincerely doubt that Target is going to work out.  I just have this feeling that its not.  Not that I really care.  But it'd be nice not to have a job that sucks.

Also, I'm going back to the FreshLife college group tomorrow night.  It may be churchish, but at least there are people.  And thats what matters.  I need to be around people.  I really miss being around people right now.

Ok, I think my 2 hours are almost up.  So I should go.


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