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LJ is being dumb...

So, I had an okay day today.

Wasn't bad, wasn't great.  It was just a day.

Finally hear about team placements for Nerd Wars.  I'm on Jazz Hands.  I REALLY wanted Impala.  I'm disappointed.  But I think I see the reasoning behind it, because otherwise, there wouldn't be much of a team.  Next time, I'll put Impala as all three of my choices.

I finally got a replacement debit card today.  I guess there was no need to worry, because all the information was the same.  Which is nice!  And I went to Target to get more minutes for my phone.  And I got Cheeze-It's, because I have been craving Cheeze-It's for a LONG time!  And then I had Taco Bell for lunch.  And it was delicious.

Not much else happened today.

I find out who I get stamped as tomorrow!  Ughhhhhhhhhh!  I wanna know!

And I had a comment typed up and ready to post for the Friday Five on Insomniacs for the past several hours, but now my internet is being stupid and won't let me post!  Ugh!  This is annoying.  Maybe LJ is just being stupid.

I'm just going to leave it be and watch this episode of Roseanne, and then finish this episode of Sherlock, and then go to bed.


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