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Golden Globes and Such

I'm still psyched about Glee and Avatar winning their respective Golden Globes.  That was pretty much the highlight of my day today.  That and having Taco Bell for dinner.

I didn't wake up till12:30 today, for unknown reasons.  I went to sleep at 1:30 last night, so not an unreasonable time.  So I have no idea why I slept 11 hours last night.  My dad knocked on my door to wake Chip up.  And probably me.  It was great sleeping in though.  I probably needed it, from not sleeping too well upstairs.  Who knows.  And then I didn't do much till about 3:30 when I took a shower.  Watched "John Tucker Must Die" at 4, and then the Golden Globes at 6.  My parents got home about 8:30 or so, when Leo and Robert DiNiro were presenting the DeMill award to Scorsase.  Leo <3.  He was very cute when I was 10, and he's still just as crushable at 22, almost 23.

HOLY CRAP.  i'm almost 23!

Anyways.  I was happy with Up winning best animated film and best score.  And I was down right exstatic when Glee won Best Comedy/Musical and Avatar winning Best Director and Drama.  And I was pretty happy with the Hangover winning Best Comedy, although I haven't see it yet.  I need to see it and (500) Days of Summer.  And I need to watch Away We Go.  I bought it months ago but I still haven't watched it.  Maybe that's what I'll do tomorrow.  Watch Away we Go, and add it to my list.  One thing I didn't get, is why "It's Complicated" was up for any awards at all.  Honestly, the only good thing about it was Steve Martin and John Krasinski (of course John Krasinski makes any movie fantastic).  But still.  And all it meant was a double nom for Meryl Streep...who was going to win that catagory anyways.  I was happy for Sandra Bullock though, she's adorable.  As was Drew Berrymore.  She just reakes cutenes wherever she goes.  I love her.  Overall, it was a pretty good night.  Although Jane Lynch got robbed.  And I was so pissed that Alec Baldwin won the award for Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical.  Should've been Steve or Matthew Morrison.  They were robbed.  I was really unhappy about both of those awards.  Otherwise, it was a good night.  I'm just super happy for Glee and Avatar though.  Those were the only two shows I really cared about.

I did talk to my grandma, and my aunt Leah, Lynn, and Susie for a bit today.  That was nice.  And Lydia was cute, she asked to talk to me to ask about game websites.  But that was nice.

I have no idea what's going on tomorrow.  My dad mentioned something about going out and job hunting all day.  I'm just THRILLED about that.  I hate job hunting.  But I need one.  I'd just rather not spend all day doing it.  And most places have applications online.  Oh well.  I just want a job at this point.  I honestly don't care where I work.  Just as long as I don't have to wear red and khaki everyday, I'm ok with that.  I'd be thrilled if I could wear jeans.  Cause jeans are great to wear.  But whatever, I just need a job at this point.

I was going to say something else, but I forgot what.  But this is a decent lengthed entry.

I guess I'm gonna try and go to sleep fairly soon, because I need it.


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