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Long day was long

Long day was long.  But it was a good day.

I was still in my good mood that I've been in since yesterday.  So that was good!  I just was lazy till I went to work.  I watched a bunch of movies on AMC.  They had Mel Brooks movies and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and the Three Amigos on before I went in.  And I enjoyed that.  Then I had my leftover Subway for lunch.  Then I went into work.

Last Thursday, if you recall, I mentioned that our district manager came in.  I spent the day organizing the backroom.  All five hours of my day.  It was a crazy long day.  Today, I went in and did freight.  And then I organized the backroom some more.  Which took me longer than I anticipated it to.  I was scheduled from 2-7.  But they were only going to have me work from 2-5, to get the freight done.  But that took me till 7 to do.  I didn't have a lot to put out, just a lot of boxes to go through.  And some of the smaller objects took me a little bit to get put away.  But I ended up staying till 10.  Because I had to shift stuff around on the shelves in the back and take out cardboard 4 different times today.  FOUR!  We went through so much cardboard today, it was ridiculous.

But despite that, it was a still a good day.

I'm just tired though.  My feet hurt.I

In other news!  I totally won a prize from Nerd Wars.  I was one of the top scoring Ninja's, so I get to pick a pattern of my choosing!  IM SO EXCITED!  I dunno which one to pick though. D:

I think, I should go to bed.

I just really wanted to updated


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