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It's Friday! Friday!

Oh First Class.  What you do to my poor little fangirl heart and soul!  Oh you rip it up!  But I love you so!

I have graphic makers envy.  I wish I could make graphics and icons and stuff.  I want to make a layout for here, and some stuff for Tumblr.  Anyone have any good starter tips?

I did nothing but go to Taco Bell for lunch and watch First Class this afternoon.  And it was fantastic.  A day with the house to myself, and just doing what I want to do.  It was nice to have some down time and peace and quiet.  I love my friends.  But it was good just to be by myself.  I haven't had that for a couple of weeks.

So, the other day I was really bad with my money.  But then I reasoned with myself, and told myself that it was one last spending hurrah before I make good on my New Years goal.  And I call it a goal, because calling it a resolution makes me not want to keep it.

Chip is doing much better.  He's more or less back to himself.  I don't think he's feeling perfect, but I think he's feeling much better than he was.  And my fingers have all but healed from when I burned them on Christmas.  The old skin peeled away.  I've got some sores on there, from where my blisters popped.  But I think those will heal soon though.

Let's see...Friday night.  The only show that's on is Supernatural, but of course I'm not caught up with it, so I can't watch it yet.  Maybe I'll paint my nails or something.  Or maybe I'll start plotting projects for the next Nerd Wars tournament.  Hmm...I don't have plans to do much of anything though.  And I love it.

I think I'll get back to watching the Food Network and doing nothing, other than lurking here on LJ, playing Gardens of Time, and playing around on Ravelry.
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