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Waiting to get tired...

I took some night time meds about an hour ago, so I'm just waiting for them to kick in.  Bah.  This stupid cold is just hanging around.  It's mostly my cough now.  Hopefully it'll go away in a few days.

I got to work today.  Which was interesting, because our district manager paid us a visit the past couple of days.  Let's just say it's been stress-o-lla at our store today and yesterday.  And not the good kind.  I won't go into details, but it's just been a stressful past couple of days.  Thank goodness for Katy and Nicole for saving my sanity tonight.  And last night, because I needed them last night.  I had some stuff to get off my chest.  Felt good to be around them again.  I've seen my family straight for the past two weeks, and I was glad to hang out with them again.  Tonight we went to Pizza Hut and nommed on a pizza and browsed Wal-Mart. Because that's what you do at 10:00 pm on a Thursday night in a small town.  We just hung out yesterday, browsed around some stores.  It was just nice.  I love having friends.

I've been playing a ridiculous amount of Gardens of Time the past week or so.  Who knew that looking for hidden objects could be so much fun?

Man, I have some other things I want to talk about, but I don't remember what.  And I know as soon as I fall asleep, I'll remember.

I have no plans for this weekend.  I have call ins all weekend.  If I don't have to work, I'm going to watch First Class.  It's past time for some McFassy!  Good god is it past time.  I haven't seen it since it was in theaters, and I've been wanting it so bad since then.  I also really want that triple pack of the X-Men movies at Wal-Mart.  I've had my eye on it since October.  Someday, when I have lots of money, I'll get it.

And I'll eventually change my mood theme and icons and what not.  Maybe this weekend.

I just lost my train of thought.  Maybe I should go to bed now.

At least try.  Bed is good.

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