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I'm only updating cause I'm bored

And I'm not tired, and I probably won't get tired for awhile.

So, my sister got me hooked on Downton Abbey last week.  Now I'm waiting for season 2 to come to the US.  *Pouts* I want it now, because I'm impatient.

And I forgot to mention that I got sorted into Hufflepuff at Hogwarts is Home.  Which is even further proof, that I'm just an all out Puff.  Though, according to thefandom.net though, I'm a Gryffindor (and District 4, but I really think I belong in 11). 

See!  I'm the Doctor though.  And a Bounty Hunter, so I guess that's interesting.  And a Telmarine, but I don't remember much about them.  I don't know much about Divergant, His Dark Materials (though I know that's the Golden Compass series), Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson (though I have the first book to read), Game of Thrones, Delirium, and BSG.  But I guess a Dwarf is pretty cool.

I dunno.  I took it again, and got these results:

Still a Gryff, and this time a droid and a man, and a Dalek.  Which cracks me up.  District 12 is cool though.

And wow, I'm having a really random thoughts.  Oh well, when is that not unusual.

I finished all my projects for Nerd Wars.  WOOHOO!  So I'm 18/18 for projects this tournament.  Never thought that would happen.  It's pretty cool though.

I'm not tired, but I need to get tired.  Tomorrow night could be an...interesting night...we're going to have lots of alcohol around.  Last time I was around lots of alcohol, I got kind of tipsy.  But, oddly enough, I kind of want to drink.  I never want to drink, so I take this as a sign that it's okay.  Because one, I never drink in the first place, and I never want to drink either.  But I'll be at home and I can sleep somewhat late into the next day, so that'll be okay too.  But yeah...enough of that.

But anyways, I should probably actually go to bed or something...


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