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Mahna Mahna!

Well, let me tell you.  I have been super busy this past week.

I know the last update I said I spent the weekend at my friend Nicole's house.  Which was nice.  And I think I said I worked Monday?  I don't remember.  But I'm pretty sure I had last Monday off, and then worked Tuesday night.  Which was good.  Got stuff set up for Friday.  Wednesday was one of the best days of the week.  I woke up lateish.  And then Nicole, Katy, and I went to go see the Muppets.  Which was FANTASTIC!  I am a HARDCORE Muppet fan.  I grew up on the Muppets.  I wasn't around when the show was around on it's first run, or for the original three movies, or when the Muppet Babies was in it's initial run, but I watched them when they were on Nickelodeon in the 90s.  I remember going to see Muppets in Space. That was probably my first live experience with a Muppet movie.  And I remember loving it.  One of my favorite CD's when I was younger (actually, I still love it) is Kermit Unpigged.  They join a lot of celebrities and sing some songs we all know and love.  I'd drive my family crazy insisting we listen to it on family trips.  It's like, how can you not love the Muppets?  They're sweet and infections and lovable and silly!  But the movie just surpassed all of my expectations.  And you can probably tell from my icon that I love the Muppets.  And I picked the soundtrack up as soon as the movie was over.  Actually, we were going to go to Chinatown, but the place was turned into a sit down place rather than a buffet, so we went to Asia Buffet.  Which wasn't that good.  I've had better.  And then we went shopping.  We went to Target and I got the Muppets soundtrack and minutes for my phone, then we went to Ross, TJ Maxx, Best Buy, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and the Dollar Tree.  Then Katy and I went to Albertson's, because there was a couple of things I needed from there.  And then we both went home. 

Thursday, Chip got me up kind of early.  Which was fine, because I wanted to watch the parade.  And I worked on the sweet potatoes and the stuffing for dinner.  Then Katy came over around 2.  And my dad and I and her ate.  Then Katy and I played...oh...10 hours or so of Mario Kart Wii.  My arms and my thumb were so sore afterwords.  I got quite the work out!

Friday was...well, Black Friday.  We were CRAZY busy.  I went in at 1:30, and was supposed to get done at 9:30, but I asked if they needed me to stay and help replenish and stuff, and they said yes.  So I stayed till 11:30 helping get stuff done.  And then I worked on Saturday, and again we were super busy.  And I went in at 1:30, and ended up staying till 9, to help get stuff done.  And then Nicole, Katy, and I went to get a pizza at Pizza Hut, and then we trolled Wal-Mart for a bit, because we weren't quite ready to go home yet.  And after that I took Katy home and then went home myself. 

And Sunday I didn't do anything.  And I didn't do anything yesterday.  And today, I slept in a bit.  And then I took a bath.  And then I remembered that BBW had Twisted Peppermint for this week only, so I decided I was going to dash over there and get it and then get the other part of Susi's Christmas present and then I went out to get my Grandpa's Christmas present.  And with that, I'm done with buying my Christmas presents.  I've got just a couple of things to finish up, and then I'm done!  I feel SO ontop of things this year!  It's fantastic!

Also, if you'd like a Christmas card, I'm giving you a friendly reminder to send me a message with your address.  I'm making the cutoff day for asking for cards the 14th.  So if you'd like one, please give me your address before then.

Hope you're all doing well!


I'm gonna go work on my mom's Christmas present and watch Ellen!


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