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Because I love "Veronica Mars"...and because I like to update

Ok, so I'm browsing "Veronica Mars" stuff on Cafe Press, because I was looking for a certain shirt...and I found a couple of things that I loved:

Shirt #1: http://www.cafepress.com/+backup_womens_dark_tshirt,84352017

Not a shirt, but a magnet #1: http://www.cafepress.com/+rectangle_magnet,94978986

Shirt #2: http://www.cafepress.com/+ringer_t,92600120

Of course, the shirts are out of my price range, but still.  I love 'em.  And I <3 "Veronica Mars".

I filled out an application for Albertsons tonight.  Hopefully I'll hear back from them within the next few days.  And I attempted to watch an episode of "True Blood" last night, but I got distracted by a couple of other things.  So, we'll try again tomorrow.  I want to watch it, but I just get distracted by other things on TV and what not.

Otherwise, today has been pretty good.  Pretty lazy.  Woke up around 10, did not much of anything, took a shower, dad got home eventually and then my mom got home, and then we had dinner.  And we watched "Bones" and some "30 Rock".  I miss "the Office" not being on tonight.  ::sigh::.  I hear Kathy Bates is coming on the show within the next couple of episodes.  That's pretty exciting.  I hope that doesn't mean bad things though, because big name guest stars usually means that the show is digging for ratings.  But I'm pretty sure we're getting at least one more season, because Steve Carrel is signed through 7 seasons.  But I've heard no news as of yet.  So, hopefully we'll know soon.

Yeah, life isn't that interesting right now.  I'm just looking for a job and kinda hanging out till I find something.

I'm gonna go look around Cafe Press some more.


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