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What I really want to do...

If I hadn't started another potion on Pottermore, I would shut Lappy's lid, cuddle under the covers, and read my Baby-Sitter's Club book (Yes, I'm re-reading them, just for kicks.).  But I gotta wait about another hour or so.  Oh well.

After my potion is done, I can do that.

Other than that, I've had a decent day.

I had issues falling asleep last night, so I was up til 4 something.  I ended up reading a book, and then I fell asleep.  And I woke up an hour before I needed to call for my call in.  So, us still being out of coffee, I made some tea.  And then I called work and they didn't need me.  So I just relaxed for a bit.  Then I reheated some leftover fried rice and made more tea.  And ate and relaxed for a bit.  Then I decided that I wanted to watch Enchanted and Tangled.  So I watched those.  And that was pretty much my day.  Watched Glee and New Girl.  And now I've got the Prince and Me on.  And I'm just chilling til my potion finishes, and then I'm gonna read and go to bed.

So I'm gonna get back to my movie.


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