kaitydid33087 (kaitydid33087) wrote,

Pants on the Ground...Pants on the Ground

Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground!  Oh Idol!  How you make me love you.

So, today hasn't been too bad.  Been pretty relaxing.  Woke up about 10.  Watched some tv and just fiddled around on the internet today.  Not much.  I unloaded the dishwasher and put in an online application to LC Staffing...because I need a job.  And I reheated the scalloped potatoes and ham from the other night.  Yummy!  And I watched Idol.  And now I'm just chilling.  It's nice, but it drives me crazy at the same time.  Because I hate just sitting around doing nothing, but I love it at the same time.  Right now I'm just waiting for an episode of "True Blood" to load, and eating chocolate chips, because well, chocolate chips are good.  Watching an episode to see what I think.  I'll more than likely like it.  I hope so.

Speaking of tv shows.  Season 1 of "Veronica Mars" is on sale for 14.99 at Target.  The lowest it will probably ever be.  So get it while it's hot!  Other than season 1 of Big Bang Theory, season 1 of Veonica Mars is the best deal of a TV Show on DVD that I've ever gotten.  16.99 a couple of weeks ago.  Fantastic deal really.

Hmmm...the Office isn't on tomorrow.  I'm kinda sad.  It's double episode of either 30 Rock or Community, I don't remember.  But we have to wait one more week for the Office to come back.

Andddddddddd my favorite episode of the Nanny is on.  So I'm gonna watch that.

Also, this is one of my favorite "Star Wars" quotes.  Much <3 to Carrie Fisher and Leia herself.


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