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Writer's Block: 9/11

I know I updated about this last night, but I'll do it again.

I was in my freshman year of
Where were you?
High School.  I was in first hour, band (Pep band to be exact), and my band director, Mr. Goter, was yelling at the trumpets about using their middle fingers, so we were laughing and what not at that when the principal, Mr. Tignor, came over the PA system with the announcement.  So, we missed it.  I left band, and wandered the halls to my next class, during the short break we had, which was Algebra.  Of course I was confused why everyone was upset.  I just didn't understand what was going on, because I didn't hear the announcement.  So, I got to Algebra, and looked up on the TV screen, and I thought it was some news about a power plant or something.  But as the camera panned out, and we figured out what was going on, well then. Yeah.  So we witnessed the whole thing that hour.  The second plane hitting, the towers collapsing, the announcement of the plane hitting the Pentagon and the plane crashing in Shanksville.  It was so surreal that day.  I just remember everything from that day.  And I don't think we'll ever forget.  God Bless America.
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