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Ho Hum

This is my favorite Logan icon.  Hehe.

Anyways, today was a lazy day.  I woke up at 11/11:30...something like that.  Watched tv and played around on lappy all day.  My dad came and got me and I drove to Target so that I could exchange something, then we went to CostCo and came back home.  My mom is busy making Chex Mix, with pretzels in it!  And we had leftover ham and cornbread for dinner.  And now I'm watching Idol.  W00t!  I love Idol.

I've been trying to start watching True Blood, but I've been having issues with finding a video that actually works.  ::sigh::  So, we'll see what I can find.

So, that's probably what I'll be doing tomorrow.

Anyways, not much is happening.  Onto Idol.

This is weird without Paula...



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