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It's Friday.  I survived the week.  I survived finding all 7 clues.  I've survived about 20 hours of sleep this week.  I made it through!

I'm just tired.  This week has been crazy.  I blame Pottermore.  Yes I got registered on the first day, but I was up at every single odd hour to look for that clue to help everyone who was waiting to get in.  Hopefully the welcome e-owls come tomorrow.  Start coming tomorrow that is.  I hope.

Next week is going to be insane.

I'm working every single day, 40 hours, if they use me for all the call ins.  >.<  Crazy stuff. 

And Mary, Gary, and Genette are visiting.

And then the week after that, my Grandparents are going to be here.

And I can't even focus enough to write a real entry.  I'm gonna go to bed.



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