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Harry Potter Meme

Ok, I fail on daily memes.  I took this one from intrepidy 

1) What is your earliest HP memory?
2) Now that you've seen all of them, which is your favorite?
3) What is your favorite scene/line from the movies?
4) What is your favorite movie/book release memory?
5) Tell us any random memory and/or inside joke that stuck with you.
6) Obviously, what did you think of the movie?!
7) Any reflections about the impact of Harry Potter and the fandom on your life

1) My earliest memory was when my mom read Sorcerer's Stone outloud to me and my dad.  I remember my dad fell asleep in the middle of the first chapter.  Haha.  And we laughed because there was a character named Ron, and my dad's name is Ron.  I guess my mom started reading SS in 99.  Because that's when Chip was born, and we brought him home in October of 99, right when we were reading the last chapter.  And he whined and cried his entire way through the end.  Of course he whined and cried that entire night, but still.  I had heard other kids in school talking about them, and I was like, "I WANT TO READ THOSE!".  So I asked my mom about them and she magically pulls them out and is all "I has them!" and I was like "Let's read them!" and she was like "OK!".  So we read them.  And that's my earliest memory.  I was...let's see...13 then. In 7th grade.

2) Well I really loved DH 2.  It was so epic.  But as far as like, sticking to the books.  SS, CoS, and OotP.

3) Oh there are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many good ones. In the movies...Um...I think some of my favorite moments were in the last movie.  I also like the scene on the Hogwarts Express in the first movie.  In the books...I like where they defeat the Mountain Troll, the Halloween chapter in SS.  And I like the Qudditch tryouts in HBP.  So many good ones I tell you.

4) That would have to be when HBP book was released.  I didn't go to any book release party or anything.  But harumph and family was visiting, and we had our own little party.  We made food and watched SS, CoS, and PoA.  It was so much fun.  We had Polyjuice Potion, which was like, the sherbet punch stuff, but it was good.  And cauldron cakes, little mini chocolate bundt cakes.  And then we made pizza pasties ((Calzones)) which were delicious.  And there were some other things.  But it was just fun.  Hanging out with family and enjoying Harry Potter together.  There's really nothing quite as fun as doing that.

5) Random memory? Um...I remember going to the last release party with harumph and Andrew.  That was pretty fun.  I was kinda late, because I was closing for Target.  But we just hung out and waited in line.  I didn't get the book till the next day, cause of my discount at Target.  But still, it was just awesome.  Hanging out with all the other Potterheads.  You just can't beat stuff like that.

6) I LOVED IT!  I just..every single moment had me hanging on to the edge of my seat.  McGonagall and Neville are such BAMF's!  The acting was superb.  Alan Rickman for ALL OF THE AWARDS!  Just...it was amazing.  That's all I can say.

7) Harry Potter didn't get me through any rough time or anything.  But, it was always there for me.  It always felt like I was home when I was readiing it.  I just got sucked into another world.  I got sucked into the magical world.  And I was just lost.  When I felt the need to escape or whatever, I could just pick up the books and just get lost in the world of magic.  The thing about Harry Potter, is that characters are so real.  The story is just...I can't even put into words.  Harry Potter is just amazing.  That's all.  Harry Potter is amazing.

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