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Just Another Day...

Monday.  Yay?  My sister left today.  My parents took her to Spokane, so I enjoyed the house to myself today.  It was fantastic.  I watched tv and took a shower.  So it was very nice indeed.

I pretty much watched the entire season of "Glee" yesterday.  I loved it!  SQUEE for Will and Emma!  I REALLY don't want to wait till April for it to pick back up again, but I guess I have to.  Also, good news, it got picked up for another season!  SQUEE!

I don't know about the rest of my shows, but I'm hoping both the Office and BBT get another season, because they deserve it, because honestly, they're probably some of the best shows out there right now.

As y'all can probably tell, I switched out my icons.  Because it was high time that I did.  I haven't switched them up in a very long time.  So it's high time that I did.  Plus, I had to add some for Veronica and Glee, because how could I not?!  So yay for that.

Ok.  I'm gonna go make my mac and cheese w/ ham for dinner.  And then chill till it's time for Big Bang Theory.  Because I don't think that I've seen an episode since it's been on the air.  I'm excited though.

So, off to make dinner and chill.


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