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I Need To Speak Up

This has been gnawing at my mind for a little while, so it's time I posted about it.

This is the internet.  But behind the computer sits a person.  Who has very real feelings and emotions.  I'm one of them.  In fact, I often have a lot of feelings and emotions.  That's probably one of my flaws at times.  But I'm getting slightly sidetracked here.  I come on the internet, to relax and have fun, and chat with people who have similar interests with me.  Whether that be on Twitter, Ravelry, or even Livejournal itself.  

I do not come on the internet to be pushed around, by people who think they seem to be better than I am.  And I am so tired of it.  

As many of you know, I'm a role player on Twitter.  I'll be upfront and say that one of my many accounts is Admiral Piett. ((And if you're wanting to follow that account, send me a message, I'd be happy to follow you)) Last year, I had some problems with a few different people.  I guess our differences got in the way or something.  But once I came back this summer, after have having my computer down for awhile, I discovered that someone had made a blog, making fun of my character.  And I'm about 99.99% it was at least one of these people.  I tried to shrug it off, but deep down, it hurt.  And so it went a few month, no problems at all.  And then a few weeks ago, some bot was created, so that every time my Piett mentions someone, it will retweet my tweet, making some comment at what a bad role player I am.  And I'm not for certain it's tied to any of these people, but I wouldn't put it past myself if it was.  You know, this really hurts.  Because I'm not a bad role player.  Am I perfect?  No.  No one is a perfect role player, hell, no one is perfect in general.  But it really cuts me pretty deep.  Because I know I have good skills, and pretty much everyone else likes me, and thinks I'm a pretty good role player.  And I know I'm a good role player.  But still, it hurts.  

I'm also a member of Ravelry, which is a knit and crochet community.  I'm part of a Dancing with the Stars group.  And some random person decided that it was ok to go through and "disagree" with my posts.  The ones they were starting to disagree with were ones of me saying hi to someone.  Then it started to be every post.  And then it started to grow into another group, were someone was disagreeing with posts, where we don't normally use the disagree buttons.  

And recently, some RP friends from Twitter have gotten their accounts hacked there and on here. 

And then there's other accounts on Twitter, that are incurring some problems.

And I just wonder why.  Why do people go around feeling the need to look down on people and harass them to make themselves feel better?  I was picked on throughout middle school and high school.  Just because I was bigger and because I've got a quirky personality.  And if you look around, you'll notice that most of the population isn't skinny.  And everyone has their quirks.  I just don't understand it.  Do you bullies no what you make us feel like everytime you put us down?  Do you know what it's like to lie awake at night or go through out the day with being pushed around, always on the back of your mind?  I'm just so frustrated.  And I'm so tired of seeing innocent people getting picked on for doing NOTHING, other than being themselves.  You aren't above anyone because you decide to pick on someone.  That just makes you sad.  Because it's NOT OK!  It's not ok to push others around.  It's not ok to harass others.  It's not ok to put others down.  It's not ok to create accounts to call out other peoples drama on Twitter.  It's not ok to create bots that harass others on Twitter.  It's not ok to hack others accounts.  It's just NOT OK!  And I don't know why people think it is. 

I'm speaking up because I'm tired of being pushed around.  And I have a voice.  And I want to be heard.  And I want others to know they have a voice, and they can be heard too.  That you don't have to take it.  Speak up.  Tell others that it isn't ok.  Don't be afraid to stand up for yourself.  You deserve to be heard.  Bullying gets taken so far at times, too far.  Don't let it get to that point.  Know that you do matter, and you always have the voice to say NO!  ITS NOT OK! Never doubt yourself.  

I know I'm not the only one out there that's being bullied by others on the internet.  So please pass this on to others who are having a hard time too.  Know that there's others out there, that who are being hurt, and know that we also know it's not ok.  And please know, that if anyone needs to talk, I'm just a message away.

Speak up!

Pass it on!


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Apr. 24th, 2011 03:13 am (UTC)
First off, let me say, you shouldn't be bullied around. Cyberbullying isn't right.

But that being said, the bot or whatever was made (I haven't been in the RP forever so I don't know what you're talking about)...well...if you notice the people you had trouble with EARLY LAST YEAR, they haven't been on or in the feed in over a year. So I wouldn't take this personally, but I just don't think they really care about you to bother with making up some bot over a year later. I'm friends with them and you know, you never come up. Going around accusing people of things that you haven't had any interactions with in forever is really no better than some of the things that you are accusing other people of doing to you. All its going to do is possibly start up old problems. Do you want that? Perhaps you should look at people you interact with on an every day basis. But don't go around just flat out accusing people without proof.

Hacking into accounts and bullying isn't right. However, if you are having problems across the boards perhaps you need to sit back and take a look at yourself and see if there is something you doing. Are you posting at particular people? Look at the people you are posting to and what you are posting. Go from there and you might find the root of the problems you are having. You may have at some point posted something that hurt someone's feeling/angered someone without knowing it. And this is how they handled it (not the best way but still). Sometimes the fault lies within us.

Again....hacking and cyberbullying not cool.
Apr. 24th, 2011 03:24 am (UTC)
I'm not accusing them of doing it. It's who my mind jumped to first though. And no, I don't want problems with them again. But it's not like they've tried to openly talk to me either recently.

And I'm pretty sure I haven't posted anything that angered anyone. I've been nothing but nice.
Apr. 25th, 2011 11:58 pm (UTC)
I'm only speaking for myself and myself alone here so ...

I'm not accusing them of doing it

Then what does this from your entry mean, exactly?

And I'm about 99.99% it was at least one of these people.

Because it reads like an accusation to me.

I'm sorry someone is harassing you, I truly am. Because that sucks and isn't a very nice thing to do - but truly we have other things going on in our lives all the time later than to worry about bothering you. It was a misunderstanding and it's been over for a long time. I don't wish you any ill-will at all ... though hearing about this was a bit of a shock.

But it's not like they've tried to openly talk to me either recently.

Seriously? After a year and a half? What exactly should we say? I'm not quite sure what to make of this could you enlighten me?

I'm sorry someone is harassing you - that's painful but the insinuation that I have anything to do with it is just as painful.

Apr. 26th, 2011 05:24 am (UTC)
That you guys have given me in the problems, and that I wouldn't have put it past the three of you to harass me again. When intially, I didn't do a single thing to you guys. You three were the ones pushing me around, saying mean things to me, and giving me a hard time. Just for JOINING the verse. You guys ATTACKED me when I did NOTHING. I was really hurt by the three of you. You three went and created that nasty blog. Yeah, I saw it. So why wouldn't the bot be linked to the three of you? You've hurt me in the past. More than once. On three separate occasions. So yes, my mind jumped to you. I didn't come right out and say "Oh it was one of the three of you". But yeah, my mind came to you guys first, because you've given me trouble in the past. And it was really unwarranted.

And the point of my entry.

I'm so sick of being pushed around by people, when I haven't done ANYTHING to deserve it. Have you ever been constantly pushed around by people? Have your backpack sprayed with water while walking through the halls at school? Get teased for being overweight? Or having an offbeat personality? I've been really hurt by people in the past. Really hurt. And I'm finally speaking up about it, because I want to let people that they aren't alone about being bullied. That's my point of my entry.

And I'm sorry for accusing you. But can you really blame me? Honestly?
Apr. 26th, 2011 05:43 am (UTC)
I wouldn't have put it past the three of you to harass me again.

That's an accusation.

That said ... Um ... You guys ATTACKED me when I did NOTHING.

What are you even TALKING about? Your character continuously came onto mine when I said again and again he wasn't interested. You wouldn't have him LET UP. And when my character replied IN CHARACTER something about him admitting who he was you gave me an offensive (yes, that was offensive)_ response about him not being gay but having gay flare ups. I still have the e-mail.

Gay flare ups?!?!? What is that, like a disease now? Honestly?!

If you think we've given you trouble then look at yourself in the mirror because if you want a role play to respond to something you put out you better be able to take what you dish. I meant nothing whatsoever by having him say that - I assumed you knew what you were doing by continuously having your character hit on mine. And next thing I know someone I don't even KNOW - had never spoken to before in my LIFE was telling me I was being MEAN to poor Admiral Piett.

Here's a little tip - I don't care if it's Role Play or in Real Life if someone continues to say NO … they mean NO. It's not funny or cute or anything else to keep hitting on someone who is not interested.

As for being made fun of - you don't know me. You don't know anything about my life whatsoever. I've been hurt in the past - I KNOW what it feels like. Don't you DARE assume you know ANYTHING about who I am. You threw out an accusation, denied it and yet it's right there in black and white.

Further more you got offended when my character and A's character had relations (which did NOT go into any detail, by the way) on the feed and complained very loudly to others. Yes. I heard about that. And the thing is - it had NOTHING WHATSOEVER TO DO WITH YOU.

How about you realize that things we said and did last year didn't always (like MOST OF THE TIME) have A THING to do with YOU.

And I'm sorry for accusing you. But can you really blame me? Honestly?

Oh. Wait. So now we're admitting to the accusation. Nice. And yes. I can. I happen to know that others have had issue with you. We're not the only ones.

The fact remains I have better things to do than bother you.

And I have no idea what blog you're talking about.

Again I'm only speaking for myself here. Just saying.
Apr. 26th, 2011 05:42 pm (UTC)
Wow Kaity make up your mind. First you're not accusing them. Then you are. Seriously.

And don't assume you're the only person every bullied. A lot of us were. I was mad fun of my whole life because I wasn't skinny and because I was the original version of the geek girl.

And yes, you did actually make comments that others were offended by. You obviously didn't realize it, even when they stated it you. YES I SAW THE COMMENTS. I know what Lea is talking about.

This is a two way street. Everyone is to blame some in that situation. And as I said all you did was take a situation that had died and just brought it up and made it ugly again. There was absolutely no reason in HELL to accuse them of this and you know it. YOU KNOW IT. And I don't blame them for being angry with you and if they do start something now you actually have no one to blame but yourself this time.
Apr. 24th, 2011 03:17 am (UTC)
Aw, Kait! I'm so sorry you had to go through that. That's not fair, nor nice, to you at all. You're an amazing woman and friend, my dear. I assure you of that.
Most of the time, people take to bullying to hide their own insecurities. They have to make themselves feel better by bringing down someone else. It's "easy" to do it virtually because faces aren't seen, so they can very easily turn a blind eye.

You can always talk to me if you need to talk or just vent. Know that!

Apr. 26th, 2011 06:46 pm (UTC)
As one of the people "accused" (as laughable as that is) I think I deserve a voice here. No anonymity, I'm Kitty aka Kitiyari aka "one of the mean girls."

Point one: Grow up. And I don't even mean that insultingly; you are an adult and if you haven't figured out yet that not everyone you meet is required to like you, its time to wise up. Do I like you? No. Your "good roleplaying" always came across as immature, childish and bigoted, not to mention HIGHLY disruptive when other people were trying to be serious. You are absolutely entitled to your "style" of play but you don't have the right to throw a hissy if someone else didn't enjoy it. You behaved very "fundie" whenever people were playing around with same sex pairings, yet when it was your character he'd have convenient "flare ups" because it got you attention.

I roleplay as a way of building interactive storylines and developing characters, an exercise that betters me as a writer. You seem to roleplay as a means of getting attention. Interspursed between posts like "Admiral Piett walked around on the bridge" you'd post a running commentary on your personal life in tandem with your "real" twitter. You latched onto "Vader" because his player seemed to be the center of attention; you copied the "harem of wives" in an attempt to emulate and capture the same kind of following. You didn't play Piett as a middleaged military commander with a lack of conscience and a mild paranoia of being replaced when Cadet had a fit and choked you for getting his coffee wrong.... you played him like a 14 year old girl in highscool trying to suck up to the class president. As a writer and a long time online and tabletop roleplayer, I can confidently say that I would rather chew broken glass than interact with you in character.

Point two: Your character is not /you/. I could care less about who you are behind the computer either positively or negatively. I have no interest in your friendship and equally no interest in your emnity. I haven't thought about you or your characters in months. You're just not that important, sorry to tell you. Why would I need to rip you apart behind your back? I'm not shy, I say what I think without fear of reactions. If I wanted to tell you off (as I just did) I simply would, not in hushed whispers when you leave the room.to accuse me and my friends of harassment when we haven't even mentioned your name in months is, in itself, harassment. We know who you're talking about even if you don't have the courage to name names. It comes across looking like a ploy to smear our names for your own edification, and as a method of getting you support and sympathy. As I said before, you appear to be motivated by attention. My mother always said "for some poeople it goes like this... good attention, bad attention, I don't care, just look at me!" You personify that statement.

And point three, if you're talking about the blog where Pie is in love with Vader, yeah. That was me. It was a satire of your /character/ and sorry to puncture your overinflated ego, but it wasn't in any way a commentary on you as a person. Good roleplayers can separate the two.

Besides, it was fucking hilarious. Grow a thicker skin, stop taking yourself so seriously and just enjoy the game. No one is out to "get" you and if you don't poke the beehive with a stick it's unlikely you'll get stung.

Apr. 26th, 2011 10:42 pm (UTC)
Your "good roleplaying" always came across as immature, childish and bigoted, not to mention HIGHLY disruptive when other people were trying to be serious.

An example that comes to mind is not too long after you entered the verse (and from your post you said you were picked on for simply entering the verse ... but let's take a look shall we ... )

My character was in the midst of battle with Palpatine, being hit by Force lightning in fact and your character was ... running around demanding he pay attention to him and flirting.

How was I supposed to react to that? Have HIM react to that? He was a LITTLE BUSY. He coulnd't exactly flirt even if he wanted to - which he did not. I told you when you asked if it was okay if he flirted that I was okay with that but to not expect him to flirt back. I also warned you that it was IN CHARACTER for Anakin and Kitiyari to not take well to Piett flirting with him. What both Kitty and darthsarah are saying is correct - what you seemed to have taken as PERSONAL ATTACKS were the CHARACTERS reacting to what your characters were doing.

Did you honestly expect ANAKIN SKYWALKER to really be thrilled someone was coming on to his lover?!?! Um. Did you WATCH the movies? Even though we obviously were not playing a canon game A played Anakin pretty straight from the films in terms of personality. Dealing with jealousy wasn't exactly he dealt with well in the films either. And even though Kiti was an original character she was established by Kitty fairly early on as having some similar personality quirks as Anakin.

And even IF Anakin and Kiti were the healthiest, most secure characters in the world NO ONE likes to see someone continously harass and bother their partner. Especially when it's quite obvious said partner is not interested.

So I think a lot of what you're taking as PERSONAL harassment was meant to be IN CHARACTER. Just FYI.

And - I'll be honest - I had completely forgotten about the blog Kitty mentioned it was so long ago. It was something that was meant to be between us and completely satire. I can see how you would be hurt by it and at the same time I can also say with certainty it was us letting off steam from the way you had reacted to US to begin with.

Edited at 2011-04-26 10:54 pm (UTC)
Apr. 26th, 2011 08:25 pm (UTC)
Doll, the only problem I had with you was your inability to separate real life and role playing.
Other good points were made, but it was really really hard to play with you. You abused the parenthesis. Pure and simple.
This happened more times than I can count:


I don't mind you as a person and I follow your account but I had to stop paying attention to Piett because I pretty much got the same thing on both.
MANY PEOPLE talked about that. It even bothered Corey and he never has an unkind word for anyone.
So no, I never thought your role playing was good. You and a certain other person always seemed to take things said to your character as a personal attack on you as a person. Learn to separate the two. Kitty, Zach, Barb and I used to argue and fight ALL THE TIME IN CHARACTER and were still great friends. It's all PLAYING.

Yes, people do talk behind others' backs. I do it. Regularly.
I'm 100% sure people have talked behind my back. And that's cool. They are entitled to say whatever they want about me.
I have probably bad mouthed everyone in the old verse behind their backs, but I have something called manners.
I was always decent and polite to them. Who cares what I thought and said behind their backs? I'm sure they didn't.
I believe that respect needs to be earned but everyone deserves manners.
You play off as the nice girl, but here, I don't know. It's accusatory and... playing the victim.

To quote one of my favorite drag queens, Jujubee, "Just get yourself some manners so you don't look so damn stupid."
Apr. 26th, 2011 10:52 pm (UTC)
As stated in my comment reply to Kitty I agree 100% about the IN CHARACTER comments - I suspect Kaity that you have taken things out of context and thought what was meant as IN CHARACTER to be OOC when that wasn't the case.

But ... Sarah makes a very good point about the OOC postings from you. Especially ...


Multiply that on several accounts as well. It got tiring. That's what personal accounts are FOR - personal information. Occasional OOC posts are fine but not all the time - and certainly not things that you've already shared on your personal account. It's disruptive and frustrating. And quite frankly even people that LIKE you don't care enough to read it five or six times on various accounts.

Case in point - the Olympics - you spoiled me on several occasions last year - on several accounts. I found it hilarious - in a completely ironic and hypocritical way - when you then tweeted all pissed off that someone on Twitter had Spoiled you because they were in a different time zone. Did it NEVER occur to you that others weren't in YOUR timezone? I stopped reading your Twitter around that time becuase I was tired of tuning into the Olympics already knowing the outcome THANKS TO YOUR TWEETS. I know you've done that for various televisions shows as well.

Not to mention the tweets about your dog farting? Really? Trust me - no one - and I mean NO ONE - wants to read that.

Yes, people do talk behind others' backs. I do it. Regularly.
I'm 100% sure people have talked behind my back. And that's cool. They are entitled to say whatever they want about me.

It happens - everyone does it once in a while. I think 99.8% of the time it's meaningless and just letting off steam. And most people - adults - can handle it. '

What I really want to know is why in the Hell does what happened over a year ago STILL bother you?! Get over it. I mean that with all sincerity ...move on. Put it behind you and take a good long look at yourself and ask yourself if it really matters? In the long run it's JUST twitter.

Apr. 28th, 2011 02:39 am (UTC)
SO snaps, Kaity, for actually getting me away from life-you know that thing that other people are doing that you tweet about whilst actual roleplay goes on around you?-and back to the computer. Already I give you points for that. Well done you! And since I heard that you wanted to talk or expected me to talk to you or something-I honestly zoned when I heard it was about you so I'm not too clear-Oh wait, here it is:

"But it's not like they've tried to openly talk to me either recently."

Ok. I only talk to my friends regularly, so this is puzzling but whatever! I'm here & for the duration of this post, I'm all yours, Sweetness.

What SHALL we talk about, hmm? You know, I always heard that you could either say something nice about someone, or the weather.

How about that weather, huh?

I kid! I kid! You know, I love when people are different... I really do. I appreciate it. Makes you stand out. But sometimes...

You're at a funeral & everyone is very somber, remembering the life of this amazing person... & a kid starts cracking jokes about how people are dying to get into this place. Yeah, that's standing out & I guess there's something to be said about trying to lighten the mood...but really? Really? It's disrespectful, it's not the time nor the place, & it cheapens everything. See what I'm getting at?

There is a good way to stand out & be different & original, & there is the attention-seeking, disrespectful rude way.

"When initially, I didn't do a single thing to you guys. You three were the ones pushing me around, saying mean things to me, and giving me a hard time. Just for JOINING the verse. You guys ATTACKED me when I did NOTHING."

I have to comment about this, because lying always gets under my skin. We initially didn't have any problems, I'm sure you remember this. The problems started after your character-and I say this loosely because you've taken a MIDDLE-AGED MALE & basically played yourself, not even RP as looking through your feed this RP account is nothing more than another vehicle for your tweets about your life. I'm starting to wonder whether followers matter so much to you that you lure them in with a "roleplay" account about "Star Wars" because you saw on Wikipedia that it had a worldwide following & thought you'd jump on that bandwagon, but I digress-started hitting on Obi-wan. Now, I have to ask (and you should get this one, since I think there is no separation going on with YOU & YOUR CHARACTERS): how are you going to feel about someone walzing over & hitting on your significant other right in front of you? The CHARACTER I was typing as didn't like it & started reacting accordingly, whereas you seemed to play Admiral Piett as that girl from "50 First Dates", wiping the slate clean every night. I was enjoying RP with you one time when Qwi-xux (I hope I spelled that right!) was kidnapped; I thought we had good banter going about the rescue plans when all of a sudden you threw a fit & ran to go crying to another typist about how you were being picked on. This was not the first time you've had someone else get involved in your problems, either (also love the "initially" part. Guess you weren't the helpless victim, huh?)
Apr. 28th, 2011 02:39 am (UTC)
Grown-ups like Star Wars. Generally everyone who is in the SW RPverse is an adult. Adult themes are talked about. So we TREAT everyone like an adult. We are not used to baby-sitting & we sure don't want to do it online when we're here to have fun. Grown-ups deal with their own problems. You've even been lucky enough to have been coddled for a long time, with more seasoned roleplayers taking you under wing, as it were, helping with storylines. SO far it looks like you've not listened to a single one of them. I see many nice, helpful comments about ways to improve your RP; I check the feed & I see that again, you haven't listened to a single thing anyone was sayin-

((I am listening to Infant Sorrow. I love Russell Brand!))

-g. See how disruptive that was? Do you care who I'm listening to, or what I ate, or where I went shopping? I'm going to say no, because that would make you a stalker. Normal people DO NOT CARE. If they DID care, they would follow on your real life Twitter account, where they would expect such things. They would not go "Gee whiz, I wonder what a random girl in the midwest is eating for lunch RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!! I KNOW-I'll LOOK AT ADMIRAL PIETT ON TWITTER because I hope that instead of, you know, CHARACTER STUFF, I'll find out about mind-numbingly dull details of a total random stranger!!!!"

Anyway, I have to say I enjoyed this talk-you're right, we SHOULD do this again! Thanks for the reminder, Sweetness!-and I am sorry that your mind has been gnawed on, corroded, persistently chewed or nibbled on by the thought of me & my friends....

Gnawed. Snickers. I love that word. I mean, I'm sitting here, another person behind a computer with feelings-me, I mean, not my computer-just imagining the past year. It goes something like this:

K, L, & A are all out, doing various things-we don't know exactly what because they haven't tweeted it on all 23 accounts they have-& just generally having a good time...


Kaity is out, shopping at Wal-Mart, having her mind nibbled on. CONSTANTLY. For a YEAR. "Darn you!", she cries, whilst shopping for yarn, "I was having a nice day until I remembered that people were MEAN TO ME A YEAR AGO! I HAVE FEELINGS!"

Hun. Do yourself a favor & ... I don't know, something to relieve the pressure on that gnawed up, chewed on mind of yours. Hell, walking, or taking a hike, or you know, professional help from a therapist. I'm sure between us all, ONE of us has a therapist twitter account. ;)

Apr. 28th, 2011 04:23 am (UTC)
Disco asked me to post ...
Oct. 3rd, 2011 08:54 pm (UTC)
I'm very much well aware this is an extremely late comment. However, you should use this as a critique of what's been going on currently. You might not like some of what I have to say, but you need to hear it anyway. Do you have to listen to it after all's said and done? No. But I think you should at least read this and think about what's really been going on. Sometimes it takes other people for us to realize what we ourselves are doing wrong.
First, I do agree with many of the points that were mentioned. You need to be able to take some level of criticism to what you put out there. I'm sure everyone has been criticized at some point, and whether what they say is good or less than stellar, just take it like an adult and move on. Sometimes they're just trying to help, even though it's something you don't like or want to hear. A lot of what everyone said and what Disco posted to you about was to help, not hurt.
Now, about what I really want to talk about-- and this is dating back to June, July-ish, give or take a few weeks. Harry Potter was getting a lot of popularity because its theater release date was rapidly approaching. One thing that several people, and myself, were annoyed by was the constant (and I mean CONSTANT) stream of Harry Potter and/or Deathly Hallows related tweets streaming in on your RL, Piett's and other SW accounts IN CHARACTER. I personally felt as if everything HP related was being shoved down my throat after seeing it overflow on several accounts all at the same time and it got old very fast. I'm not the biggest fan of HP and did NOT appreciate seeing it all duplicated 2 or 3 times. If you want to do that, fine. Keep it all OOC in (())s, limit the bulk of your Potter/Pottermore overload to your Harry Potter account or even your RL, where it would be acceptable. Piett is not a wizard. Piett never went to Hogwarts. Piett is not in Harry Potter. Why is all this stuff on a Star Wars account?? One or two here and there on a Star Wars account is ok...but to do so all the time creates major disinterest and eventual unfollowing in your character(s). People want to read Star Wars from a Star Wars account. And let me tell you: skipping over every HP tweet was not fun.
As for RPing, for a while I greatly enjoyed playing with you. However lately I noticed some changes in the way you've been acting, tweeting, how you've treated others etc., and to be frank, it angered me a lot. Quite a few times you've posted things on Piett such as "tweeting so you know I'm alive/here/etc" which were completely unnecessary, mainly because we all knew you were on a different account at the same time, and a 5 hour silence period doesn't make anyone think you've vanished on some mega month hiatus. It only screamed attention seeking-- and not at all in good ways.
For Story lines, I'm going to take the third person perspective on this one, seeing as we weren't really engaging in one together at the time. From just being a spectator in the feed, I've seen you gain new RP partners and also lose them. I've seen interactions from your chef character getting incredibly angry at other people because they were OOCly messing/flirting/playing around with your RP partner but in completely innocent ways-- nothing that should have deserved the responses you were throwing at them. And then the topper. On the same account, you practically shrieked at your RP friends in some storyline you may/may not have been a part of, simply because they haven't been including you in their tweets. I WAS HORRIFIED. First off: NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, wants to be treated that way, especially by someone they were friends with. If you want to be part of a Story line, BE A PART of it! Talk with people behind the scenes and work out ways to include yourself! Don't yell at people because they're talking amongst themselves without you. Fact is: when your accounts are quiet, we assume you're not there. It doesn't matter when you say "I'm always around". It's not our job to insert your handle in every tweet when you've been silent for a while--especially if the scene in question doesn't necessarily have to include you. None of us are here to do all of the work for you. If you want to really RP in some serious SLs, you need to take some of the initiative yourself.
Oct. 3rd, 2011 08:55 pm (UTC)
Along those lines, I have to say: I was really sad when Piett and Qwi officially split. I felt it was the end of something truly great. When you had Piett do all of those other romantic SLs (Garrett, Shmi, Sandalphon), I didn't know what to think. Was he cheating on Qwi or are all of these separate. Even though you said they were completely independent, they just seemed like filling in the missing void for when Qwi was busy IRL. I know she was gone for a long time, but I really had hoped you could've made it work. To insert some personal experience here, when Vader's typist left the feed for 6 months early this year, we turned it into a story. He went on some dangerous mission and he would return/comm when he could. Fact was, I didn't know if his typist would even come back at all. The whole situation was full of uncertainty. Did Rebecca stray to others for a separate SL to fill up space? No. She engaged with other characters and did story lines with them so she wouldn't be stuck alone. I'm not saying what you did was wrong, but it probably confused your following about Piett's intentions. Lets face it: between his creation and now, he's hit on Rebecca, Vader, Obiwan, Shmi, and countless others. You constantly switched up whether he was gay or not, and not only was it confusing, but it could have insulted some of your followers. It could have been really interesting to see Piett enter in a long term storyline that didn't have some romantic preface to it.
And now for the part you might not like. Now, I'm not some RP expert, and I don't ever try to be. But I think what makes an RP character a good one is when the typist can insert him/herself into the character without taking away who the character truly is. Now, for an OOC that's easy! There's no rules set before you to say what to/not to do. Go with the flow, you know? But with a canon character, it's more complex. A canon character can include as much personality as the typist wants-- but he/she should still behave the way he is supposed to. (if that makes any sense). Lets do a compare/contrast. Lets do your Piett vs. my Okins. Both are admirals of the Empire. However you have a super huge advantage as Piett's typist. You have two films, their respective novels, and a fairly decent sized wikia page to get insight into your character. Okins on the other hand, is from one novel and is mentioned...maybe 3 or 4 times in the entire book. Not much to go by. His wikia page also gives very minimal information. But because he is a canon character, I try my hardest to make him act like I feel an imperial of such rank should. He's strict, by the book, and aggressive. My only spin on him is the family I created, and the subsequent story lines that spun from that. He's a loner now because of what happened in the past, and he is a very closed up person. For him, spilling his guts is a great moment of weakness and he is embarrassed by his past personal failures. There's a reason I try to play Okins as harsh as possible. He's as intimidating as he can be because to me, that's what the Empire represents. While I admire you giving life to Piett's character, he doesn't seem very true to himself, especially when you have him do things like sing and dance while on the bridge. This entire commentary is no way telling you how to RP. That's at your liberty. But when you do choose to play him and other canon characters like that, you need to be aware that you WILL receive comments, flak, and disapproval from it about how he behaves, and not everyone will do so in a polite manner.
Again, none of this is meant to be mean, rude, etc. It's healthy, helpful criticism. We all take and dish it now and then. It's normal, it's human. Like I said before, sometimes it takes other people to point out our own flaws so we can see them for ourselves.
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